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Stephen Collins is currently performing eight one-man shows. Met to rave reviews for over a decade, Mr. Collins’ performances deliver not just the poetry and plays, but they bring poets and playwrights to life on the stage. The shows also convey an understanding of the impact and the reactions of the characters to their respective times, giving the audience not just a performance, but an experience.

Performances can be held in schools, libraries, community centers, senior centers, museums, and similar facilities. Past performances, to provide a small sample, have been held at the Boston Public Library, Greenwich Arts Council, Lenox Memorial High School, Massachusetts College, Regis College, Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and Framingham State College.


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Herman Melville

Sailing Towards my Father written and directed by Carl A. Rossi Sailing Towards My Father is a one-man play about Herman Melville (1819-1891), the American author best known for his whaling epic Moby-Dick; The play chronicles Melville's life from youth to...

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Walt Whitman

Unlaunch’d Voices an Evening With Walt Whitman by Michael Z. Keamy Since the late 1990's, Stephen's performances have captured the attention of the press. It is not just the stunning resemblance to Walt Whitman himself, which many of the reviews notice,...

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An Evening of Frost

An Evening of Poems by Robert Frost Open discussion following An Evening of Frost is a unique, interactive performance that begins with a short biographical introduction into the poet's life. Robert Frost is greatly misunderstood. Certain people, some...

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James McNeil Whistler

Butterfly - Life of artist James McNeill Whistler "Butterfly", is a one-man show about the life and times of New England native, James McNeill Whistler, the Volatile American artist who struggled for personal freedom and artistic expression mostly in...

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Shake-Scene I Who had more effect on the English language than William Shakespeare? He created over 1700 common words that before him were either used in a new manner or didn't exist at all. He did this by changing nouns into verbs,...

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Irish Voices

They call it The Norton Anthology of English Literature and yet many of the writers included were born in Ireland. The commonality, of course, is the English language but there are vast cultural differences which will be explored in this...

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A Search for Justice

This performance piece will examine issues of social, political and religious justice. What is Justice? Can it be defined, or is it just an abstract concept? What is Truth? How do leaders both political and religious use language to motivate...

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The Theater of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s

The Play The thirties through the fifties represent a great period of American Theatrical History. The influence of and reaction to the Great Depression is evident in the work of William Saroyan. The forties saw the talent of three great playwrights emerge...

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What kept the audience enraptured by the performance is that Collins’ illusion is complete. The suspension of disbelief is absolute. The actor disappeared, and we accepted that we were in the presence of Walt Whitman. There’s magic for you.

Marsha Sloan

Programs & Development Manager, Camden Public Library

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